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Point Pleasant Boardwalk

In the summer, the Point Pleasant boardwalk comes alive. Friday and Saturday Nights are packed with visitors from all over the area. Weekdays are typically not crowded until school lets out in mid June. The municipal parking lot is metered and a quarter buys you 20 minutes. There are also a few private pay lots that charge from 4 to 12 dollars depending on the the time of year. You will find metered parking on Ocean Avenue and a few streets. For free parking at the Point Pleasant Boardwalk you have to walk a few blocks.

Point Pleasant Boardwalk

Jenkinson's Aquarium is located on the north end of the Point Pleasant Boardwalk and there is a fun house right near the middle. You will find Martell's Tiki Bar and Jenkinson's Nightclub here. North of the Point Pleasant Boardwalk you will pass many shore homes with Point Pleasant boardwalk front property. On the corner of Water Street and the Boardwalk in the residential area, you are can hear sounds of Frank Sinatra playing. Continue North on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk and you will come to another outdoor restaurant, an ice cream place and a gift shop.

Point pleasant Boardwalk NJ

Further North the Point Pleasant boardwalk ends at the Manasquan Inlet. Party boats, and otherl boaters riding in or out from the Atlantic. This is also a great Fishing Area.